Land's flavor, wine moments

A winery with history in the heart of Extremadura

Since 1946

Close your eyes and get into a region plenty of history, culture, gastronomy, art and tradition.

Extremadura, a paradise to get lost

Meadows and charming properties, a historical heritage very difficult to match, a unique gastronomy and vineyards that produce unique wines to taste moments… wine moments.

Cañamero, cradle of wines

Rooted in the heart of Sierra de las Villuercas, in Cáceres,, next to Guadiana’s shore and with a wine tradition that last for centuries.

A Winery with 75 years of history

Three generations of the same family of passionate winemakers that carry in their blood the love for their land, teamwork, tradition and craftsmanship. All at the service of the creation of exceptional wines.

Growth and expansion objective

We transform the treasure of our land in the production of our wines and we keep growing with the objective of contributing to bring the flavor of Extremadura, the quality, the essence of unique and exceptional wines to all our geography (and in our upcoming international expansion). We are leaders in the production of vino de pitarra, exclusive of this area of Extremadura.

Are you a distributor?

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You need a good product to offer with warranties, at a competitive price, a stock and delivery warrantied service and a post-selling service that works.

Are you a shop or store?

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You want to offer quality, products that work and your clients enjoy, at a good price, integrity and professionalism in the commercial relationship.

Are you a catering professional?

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You are looking for Extremadura wines with quality, good price, flavour and with a quick and professional delivery service for your restaurant.

We are bottling the secret of our grapes since 1946, taking care of the quality and essence of our wines  blending tradition, craftsmanship and innovation.

Our wines are delivered throughout all spanish geography  in our sake of bringing unique and great quality wines to the highest possible number of consumers.

We keep the essence of our business, betting for the quality and tradition in the production of our wines, respecting the raw material that is the secret of their unique character.

Our effort is targeted towards continuing the growth of the winery keeping the history, the craftsmanship in the production and the delicacy of the product.

And from there, bring the flavour of our land to all wine lovers, which twins with the gastronomy and evokes unique moments.

What can our winery do for you?

We offer our wines to distributors, shops, stores, supermarkets, restaurants and individuals.

Our service includes:

Vino inicio

A winery with his own philosophy.

👉 Our wines inspire, evoke, suggest, convince and achieve the miracle of a sublime flavour moment.

👉 We are lovers of traditions, of country flavours, wood, oak and rockrose.

👉 We know the magic of vineyards, the strength of the barrels, the essence of the grape, the secret of our products and the fruit of our hard work.

👉 We believe in the life cycle of our wines: grape gets born, matures, gets collected, gets bottled and gets enjoyed.

Tradition. Craftsmanship. Experience. Professionalism. History. Quality. Flavour.

“old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust and old authors to read” Francis Bacon.

Francis Bacon