About us

Tradition and crafts since 1946, in a winemakers family with history

Every family has a story. Ours is tied for almost 75 years to the wine world.

Juan Rubio cuenca was our grandfather. A country man, weathered by the sun, self made, hard worker and lover of Extremadura, where he had his roots and where he grew up and lived all his life.

He produced the first wines of the Winery on 1946. Wines made with craftsmanship spirit, in a rudimentary way. He worked the land with his own hands, like it was always done. From sunrise to sunset. Lots of passion, hard work and care. That’s how the first wine were born. By the old style.

Time passed and the generational change happened. Juan’s daughter, Agapita Rubio, who shared with her father his passion for the vineyards, got on control of the winery with her husband José on 1982. Production was growing, wine’s variety as well. That’s how our wines “Cerro Cabrero” and “Señorío de la Raña” were born that year.

They were growing in oak barrels, to get all the particular taste of this land of Extremadura, gaining a strong personality that you can notice on their taste.

The different varieties of wines in our Winery have been shaped with respect for the raw material and with a craftsmanship technique very neat and respectful.  

We are leaders in production and distribution of the famous “vino de pitarra”, a traditional and exclusive wine from the area with great personality and that is widely valued.

Agapita and José not only kept the legacy of their father but expanded it thanks to their effort and work in the Winery, they devoted all their life to make their Winery a national reference for quality wines from Extremadura.

And they always have been faithful to one idea: keep the tradition, the craftsmanship style that made the wines acquire that special taste from Extremadura, which delight palate and are the best companion for the impressive gastronomy of the area, creating this way a fantastic duality of taste and pleasure at the table.

Our family grew around the Winery and kept incorporating new members to a lineage of wine passionates. We, Agapita’s children, are born, and, step by step, old traditions transmitted by our grandfather are permeating us until we became the third winemakers generation of the family.


Production grows so the expansion of the winery does as well. On 1992 our wine “Tío Juan” gets born and from 2000 we incorporated “Pitarra Garrucho”, “Sierra Carihuela”, “Caserío del Coronito” and “Campo Royero” until 2017 when our wine “Valdemujeres” appeared.

So, after a history of almost 75 years we arrive to these days. Today we keep being a family of wine artisans, loyal to a tradition of taste and quality that shapes the production of our wines.

Winery name, Agapita, is the name of our mother. A tribute to her hard work and dedication. On the same way one of our flagship wines has the name of our grandfather Juan.

Each designation of origin, each vintage , vine and grape is a connection point with the history of our area and with Cañamero, a traditional wine land, and with his nature, the places, the culture and the gastronomy of Extremadura.


We bring together tradition and craftsmanship with leading edge and innovation to obtain the best wines. With a work philosophy targeted to achieve the higher satisfaction of our clients, we continue improving the legacy of our grandfather Juan and the one of Agapita and José, which is allowing our growth and expansion during almost 75 years.