The circle of life: the grape is born. When it ripens, we get it bottled for you to enjoy.

Since 1946, our wines carry the rich flavors of Extremadura, Spain.

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Are you a distributor partner, a restaurant, a retail store or a wine-related business? Or maybe just a wine lover looking to spend some quality time? If you want to market or enjoy a truly premium Spanish wine made in the heart of Extremadura, plenty of tradition and flavor, we are the winery you’re looking for.

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Cl José Manuel Peloche, s/n

10136 Cañamero (Cáceres)

All the flavor of Spain and Extremadura. Wines for unforgettable moments.

Since 1946, we’ve been bottling our secret, nurturing the quality and heart of our unique variety of grape, and exquisitely blending tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation.